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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 28, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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name. >> brian: government employees can't use their title to help in election . the health and human secretary services she's going back on the road this weekend. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ "fox and friends". >> gretchen: wow, i didn't disrupt you from getting squiril and i came down and set down in notine three seconds. >> brian: the cart wheel was amazing. >> gretchen: in my high heels . welcome to eric boling. >> brian: good to know they are flying. rocky was smart enough to have helmet and goggles these squirils department are them. >> gretchen: wolehave more to talk to about this morning than that .
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and here are head lines. secretary of state hilary clinton meeting one on one with israeli benjamin netanyahu. sources tell folks news that they had an in-depth discussion about iran. netanyahu urged countries to get a clear red line. clinton reiterated the united states position that diplomacy. >> america want to resolve the issue through diplomacy and we believe there is time and pace to do so and that time is not unlimited and the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining an nuclear weapon. >> gretchen: president obama was critized for not meeting with netanyahu during the period . he will likely call him . and mitt romney will also call netanyahu today .
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>> gretchen: brand new video out of nepal. 19 people were killed in the crash that happened minutes from take off. the pilot reported trouble and trying to turn back . officials are not sure it caught fire before or after it crashed. brand new details in the deadly work place shooting in minnesota. an ex-sign employee open be fire killing four people before killing himself . he looked for the people who foired hip early that day . neighbors heard the shots and even had people running to them for help. >> a gentlemen was breathing hard and scared and had said can you hear the sirens, there's been a shooting and he may be after me. >> four other people were hurt
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and three of them in critical condition now. 911 calls and scene from arizona . remember the video yesterday a person carrying a grenade launcher in the treat. it was a hoax but people in the area had no clue. >> what are you reporting . i am hoping a it is a kid with a machine gun but it is pointing something at vehicles driving by. he was pointing at people. >> he had it on his shoulder and like a holster. i was freaked out. i didn't know what to think. >> gretchen: cops day 39 year old michaelatureley dressed up his 16 year old nefew because he wanted to test police response time after the dark knight movie mass cure>>
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brian: the hit in benghazi on 9/11, we are talking about benghazi, libya. 16 days ago, was that a pon tanous attack like ambassador rice talked about and that was backed up by the press secretary over and over again. gradually things are coming out. we were misled but they knew exactly what happened within 24 hours, because we have assets on the ground in libya. >> gretchen: when the u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice went on the talk shows it was a chest - orchesterated line. within 24 hours they knew it was a terrorist attack and how did they know that? they have to classify it as a terrorist attack to get the
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right people in action to go in investigate. that had happened. >> brian: there is a couple of problems with it 24 hours after the attacks we knew, there was intelligence knew. whether ambassador rice or president obama knew. i would have to assume they did know. they went everywhere saying we had no idea and blamed the movie. hilary clinton blamed the movie three times in the after math and jay carny blay amed the movie and president obama in the un podium mentioned the mouvy and not being -- being part of the reason for the killings. charles has a summary. let's listen to them. >> why did they deceive? it is obvious. the attack tock place five days after the democrats had spent ape week in charlotte spiking the football on osama
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and the only foreign policy achievement of four years they repeated it over and over. and great triumph and then al-qaida sacks the embassy and kills the ambassador and so the administration deceived america thinking it was a film. and the media would let it slide and now it is obvious and no one will care. >> gretchen: that is the most important thing it is all about perception with the american public. 39 days until the election. foreign policy came from the back burner to the front. the message that the administration wanted to cope out there was only about osama bin laden, that is a great message . president obama successfully got rid of that guy . but this message said al-qaida is alive that is bad news.
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>> brian: the cia director briefed law makers and said it was a spontanous attack. but our sources said ca anyhow what was going on and had the name. a senator out of tennessee this is turning into something like benghazigate. and john kerry has come forward and circulating a letter bipartisan asking the secretary of state to come forward and explain the attack necessary egypt, libya and yemen. when john kerry who is auditioning to be the next secretary of state can't stand it anymore you know you have problems. >> 9/11 was the 11th anniversary and there are 11 opportunities for terrorist, al-qaida to do something like don't you think it was a
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retaliation over the last couple of weeks, including the dnc and president obama and joe biden said bin laden is dead and gm is alive. that was a bumper sticker of the saying. and that was rallying up al-qaida. why would the administration cover up al-qaida? >> rudy guiliani what is wrong with governor mitt romney saying look at all of the problems here and he wants answers. and i think that governor romney was vindicated by hises when he said the message that we are giving shows weakness and it turns out he was right on the money. >> gretchen: but the way the american public perceives the comments is all that matters when you go to the polls. the obama administration was successful in selling this as a spontanous reaction and the media was successful in saying
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that romney jumped the gun those are the impressions that are left in the american's people's mind it is hard it go back and change perceptions that are in the american people's. >> brian: the president shows the president lost five poigns on the foreign policy aruval rating. but president obama has to feel good about another national poll that shows him with a lead if it was head-to-head with and we were not doing the electoral system. he's up on ryan where we are a dead heat. he is up over president obama. >> it is within the margin of error. it is essence a close race. battle ground polls that came out i believe it was newscast
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left was touth a big wide margin that obama is widening on romney. they are skewed and we talk body it. >> brian: our science is not skewed. >> gretchen: president obama up five points. >> they are over polling. >> gretchen: over all president obama is up in the fox news poll. but when you break it down. this is an important question. this would be who gets out of bed. the choice for president in extremely interested voters and people who are extremely motivate get up and get out of the pajamas. 56 percent obama-boid bide and 49 percent rom no, ryan. >> brian: there is no rule to show you cane vote in pajamas. cath rein sebilluous said vote for my guy.
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the problem is you are not suppose tod do that because you are a cabinet secretary. show broke the law by giving that speech and endorsing her boss president obama. she learned her lesson i am sure? >> gretchen: this weekend back on the cam campaign trail and attending in permanent capacity and i wonder if people will be listening to see if she endorses anybody on the campaign trail. >> brian: they can. but they have to say it is it a campaign even. remember when president obama said we shouldn't do super pacs and then flip flopped . he kent kathleen sebluous out to raise money to speak to super pac donors. she can do it but not pretend it is an official work visit and then turn it in to a
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campaign event. >> brian: they are encouraging press not to ask her questions . i am sure they won't. that is straddling the line. why push the envelope. she was already reprimanded . >> gretchen: in the mean time who should be held accountable for america's money problems? >> when i came in office, i inherited the biggest deficit in history. >> gretchen: who is responsible for the other 90 percent. somebody else? we'll break down the numbers next. >> brian: washington post had a problem. >> key to a woman's heart scaring her half to death. staging a plane crash and popped the question. >> gretchen: that would be an automatic no. -[ taste buds ] donuts, donuts! -who are these guys?
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>> gretchen: 17 minutes after the hour. the wall street journal said president obama is the biggest government spender since world war ii but the president said it is not his fault. >> as president i bear responsibility to everything to some degree. >> the national debt went up 60 percent when you came in office . >> when i came if office i inherited the biggest deficit and over the last four years the deficit went up but it was two wars that were not paid for and tax cuts that were not paid for and a prescription drug plan not paid for and worst economic crisis we
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emergency action and that accounts for 10 percent. >> who is telling the truth? we mixed up the numbers on wednesday and we are clearing it up. the man who comboiled the data james freeman. james? go ahead and take it away. >> good to be here. i helped out on this but not the only one. you want to look at the distortions . 10 percent is a made up number . that is not coming from the congressional budget office. really the president is responsible for 100 percent. he decides every year what the government and congress is going to spend it is it all his. i inherited stuff, he didn't inherited it, he helped to create it. 2009 fiscal year which he troys to throw on president bush includes the stimulus and
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another big spending bill that president obama signed shortly after that. like i said this is not actul math. this is a number that i think he thinks sounds good. >> gretchen: he said two wars gone and we had to pay for them. and he said that tax cuts that we did not pay for and stimulus, i guess he would say that the country faced a fiscal cliff, do you agree? >> no, the tax cuts and wars all happened in the bush term. in 07, you are running a 161 billion deficit and then blows out a trillion in the obama years and the affect of all of those policiless had taken place. and the big change if you look at the trajectory of government is a massive spending increase. he took us to a new level . 24 percent of the economy consumed boy the federal government.
3:19 am
historically it was under 20. >> if he wins reelection we have fur more years and trillion worth of new deficit going on the deficit. >> yes 10 trillion . i don't know how we are going to pay for this . inheritance and his successor is going it inherit a problem. >> gretchen: this is before obama care? >> thos a great point. we had massive stimulus and everything and category of spending going up yet, the big bills of obama care comes later and hasn't showed up yet. and even the democrats who run the congressional budget office said that will cost 1.7 tril yen if a decade. >> gretchen: coming up next. tragedy trikes in hollywood. katie perry exboyfriend now dead after murdering his land lady and dying misterously. >> writing a letter and you
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>> gretchen: if you are just waking up. sons of anarchy actor and exboyfriend much katie pery john lewis dead after murdering his elderly land lady. he had a history of drug problems and mental illness. not known if he fell or jumped to his a convicted prisoner caught. five days on the lamb 10 miles
3:24 am
from the prison. he survived in the woods eating acorns. he worked on the farm because of good behavior. brian. >> brian: president obama trying to score political by using ads like >> down side would be horrible. but he reasoned i can't in good conscious do nothing . he took the harder and more honorable path. >> brian: one special ops this. the special forces veteran and survivor of the 9/11 attack on the pentagon. it is disappointing that you use bin laden raid as a basis an ad. it is an mistake and you can order it to be removed. joining me is the man who
3:25 am
wrote it 9/11 survivor major david king. major, thank you for your service. i can hear by the tone of your letter you are outraged and what was the reaction? >> there was no reaction other than the forn letter that touted the white house's everything except their military and intelligence capabilities. they sent back a form letter that was a re-election letter. >> brian: you are kidding? wa have an exexert. dear david thank you for writing. each day i hear from other than canned men and women who are struggling in this economy. nothing to do with your concern and doesn't address what you have begin to the country. >> it is it an example of arrogance or ignorance of the white house toward the
3:26 am
military community. they are not even going to address and don't tell me back. we are busy and get back to you later. a lot of people said he made the tough decision. why can't he talk about it? >> why can't he talk about it? president clinton did thinaration on the video. we have to admit president clinton is smooth as lime jello and he comes across and can sell anything and that wholinaration that went on, it was touting the hard decision that the white house made and yet they made the decision and in. he's willing to not take credited for the economic failures that happened in the last several years and wants to jump on board with all of the hard work that the military and intelligence community has done. >> brian: a lot of people think that spiking the
3:27 am
football is fomenting more unarrest in africa and places that are talking rivenge. what should happen with the movie that comes out in november? >> that is one. issues that the organization i am working with. the dishonorable disclosure is one of the problem that is we have. there was a lot of intelligence released to help make the movie and shows a lack of knowledge of how to handle intelligence within the white whoit. >> brian: you don't seem a guy that will knuckle under. >> we'll see how they come back. >> brian: thank you so much for joining us. major david king hoping for a better risponse to the white house and we reached out to the white house for a comment on the report and they did not respond. this guy staged a plane crash to pop the question. would you say yes. it was the home he raised his
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>> gretchen: time now for the shot of the morning, a man takes his girlfriend on a plane ride and testimonies her that the controls are malfunctions and mangs her read the emergency procedures and moments later he said honey it is a joke and then he pops the big question are you kidding me. luckily she said yes. she is a dummy, too for saying yes he's a double dummy . >> are you kidding me. >> brian: i find that romantic. >> gretchen: what about the old fashioned way to prose
3:33 am
poropose. major is a lot lot of hard work. >> eric: that was ridiculous. >> brian: i think it worgs. she will know there is ups and downs and stay with me and read the manual. >> gretchen: how dupropose to your wife? >> brian: i done fly . we eloped. >> steve: >> eric: went away. >> gretchen: eric and i have the same anniversary date. it is coming next week. >> brian: we ask people to tweet in and is that ovetop andg more extreme than what we witnessed. >> gretchen: but is that the right way or can you do the old fashioned way and say i love you. >> brian: that guy had a pilot's license.
3:34 am
>> eric: flying with no hands. democratic voters registration in key swing states on the decline. and the battle ground state of ohio. brand new study found that voters registration is down by 490,000. nearly half . decline in clef land where democrats outnumber republicans two-one. declining enthusiasm for president obama is part of the reason, brian. >> brian: a woman kill would boy a pet llama. baby doll was running to greet when it slid on the wet grass. knocking her down and she hit her head on the concrete and able to call for help . she passed away after having a heart attack on the way to the hospital. eric. >> eric: i will give it to gretchen. >> gretchen: thanks a lot. federal government is a tax dead beat.
3:35 am
70 federal agency owe whopping 14 million in the end of the 2011. they have been open three years and equal 2.6 million. federal agencies are exempt are from federal income taxes and guess what eric one more story to read. >> eric: worse thing to do when you are standing outside for hour to get the new iphone. >> it is all right. how long is the wait? >> eric: in a prank, a guy with supposed iphone dropped them in front of the long lines and he gets a look at signs of disgust. luckily no one got violent in the. >> gretchen: no, no. that was a couple of mondays ago. talk about something
3:36 am
important. >> brian: hero like welcome and return for the regular nfl referees. listen. >> it is showing unprecedented amounts of love before kick off. >> brian: the real referees back on the field first time and ending the replacement ref debacle. joshua cribs gets harder hit and his helmet goes flying off and he got up on his own. wow, look at this hit. seconds left and going for the win. can you say replay and this time hail mary. and the ravens get the win and brandon gets a shot and it fell to the ground. baltimore.
3:37 am
the mets ra dickie becoming the first knuckle baller since 1980 to win twen games of the season. this is review in the documentary knuckle baller and first pitcher on a sub500 team to hit the mole stone. and first mets to do it in 23 yearsmets beat the pirates 6-5. i would not be doing that game without him. we'll go to janice, am i right. what are you going to talk about? >> we are going to talk about weather as eric pretends to do the weather with my voice. satellite radar imagery. showers and thunderstorms moving in the northeast. if you have a flight in dc or boston call ahead. and looking at northwest ohio river valley and central plains and shower activity in west texas where there is a developing low pressure that is it storm bringing
3:38 am
incredible ames of rain quickly. this could cause flash flooding in west texas and will go across the gulf coast state and spreading all the way up to the southwest. gretchen and brian. back to you. >> gretchen: how were you proposed to? >> in front of the traunt where we had our very first date. >> gretchen: it was not in an airplane where your husband to be faked the crash. >> i think they wanted to get on television and why they did that. >> gretchen: you are smart and we'll check back with you. mother nature destroid his home and home depo is helping a american war hero return home. >> eric: heather? >> this is an incredible story. one community turning out to help a vet ran family in need .
3:39 am
this is it taking place all over the counselry . in parlen, new jersey we are meeting one soldier. finishing touches on a home that hasn't been lived in more than a year. hurricane irein forced the couple to evacate. >> i thought i was going to die. it was horrendous. after living here so long. >> they have owned for decade hearing charlie fought in the korean war and stormed the beaches in normandy. >> we hit the beaches and we took the britush and canadians. and i was 17 when i joined the navy. >> the home was unlivable and the fownation crumble would and mold over took the walls and the roof was destroyed. >> we needed $150,000 or more
3:40 am
to get everything fix there was no way. they are on a fixed income. >> they met a hem depo store manager who unleashed army of volunteers. and a campaign to fix homes for our nation's vets. >> we will be installing the kitchen floor . >> paint the bed room blue and hopefully they will be in the house in a week. >> obviously helping to keep us safe and served in the war and like my father did. they are here for us and we'll give back to them. >> it took two months and hundreds of man hours to make it livable again. >> and so that is free . sweat equitty. >> this is the american dream right here and right now and this is what you are seeing. family and friends and private companies coming together to help each other. >> that's what it is it about. >> the vets will move in.
3:41 am
and seemed a dream to her father. >> i did not expect it >> it is it a great feeling knowing that the war is over and you are not. >> home depo started the program and expect to help 1100 vet rans families not only with equipment but volunteer labor on the part of employees and if your family needs help, contact the store manager in the local home depo. >> thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> brian: what can make pizza better? how about booze inside of it >> gretchen: that could be dangerous. his dream to play in the major leagues and then his first pitch became his last until now that is. adam is here with a story of incred second chance seven years later. >> a new survey. waiting 7 machine necessary line every time we go get
3:42 am
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you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage thaall other networks combined. >> brian: welcome to fall . note to self tonight text or walk ask a woman fell 60 feet off of a cliff and slipped ask she survived. also don't tex and walk in the end of a mountain. and a boston restaurant making adult only pizza. it is got cherry soaked in
3:46 am
vodka sound familiar, eric? yes, it does. and major league baseball . when adam greenburg stepped up for the first at bat he was hit in the back of a head and suffered vertigo and vision problems. seven years later he got a chance thanks to one fan's mission . adam greenburg. i know you grow up and play pro ball and get to the big leagues and first pitch, what are you thinking? >> i am thinking it is my time. you work your life for an opportunity and a dream come true. i was playing for the chicago cubs and you are not expecting what happened . >> eric: you get hit go down. what are you thinking. >> i grabbed my head and i thought it was split wide open and my eyes were rolling in
3:47 am
the back of my hit. >> eric: it creates vertigo and you can't get back in the game right away? >> no, i did try to get back in the game and had vision issues and vertigo. as a kid you just want to play and as a 24 year old kid i cont wait to get back to the field. every day that you are not on the field somebody else is. they take your spot. >> eric: you are released by the cubs and someone youtube video that goes viral and what happened next. >> matt liston who is a producer and baseball fanatic and he was a die-hard cubs fan saw what happened to me and follow would my story over the years and created a campaign one at bat.comand i had 20,000
3:48 am
poem to sign me back and it reenergized me personally and showed the power of myself. >> eric: marlins are giving you a shot at bat. >> yes. >> eric: what is going through your mind. >> i get it relive the dream and enjoy and appreciate it i have more frens and family that are coming down and everyone who is part of the this journey since day one. and the over whelming show of support is unbelievable. and i am enjoying every second of it. i said before miami marlins gave me a gift of a life time . major league baseball didn't have to approve this. i am welcoming it with open arms and hopefully imact - on impacting a lot of lives it is a good story. >> eric: you want to thanklet film maker. >> beyond. matt lison made it happen and
3:49 am
his team. he stuck his neck out to everyone that was an impossibility. >> eric: adam you are a good guy. i was distracted with one swing in the bat. you got one swing make the best of temperature adam greenberg. are they blippeder than the replacement refs. and a woman slips past ta and on the plane with a loaded gun. and our next guest said president obama has done the opposite and has worst examples coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> i are a track record of transparency. >> 50 open and transparent. >> i want transparency. and american people can be involve would in their own g. >> gretchen: did president obama keep the promise of full transparency over the last four years. author of "liberal war on trance parency" and he will provide us with facts he owncovered. >> thank you. >> gretchen: the idea of campaign strategy of transparency didn't play out in your mine. >> it is organized and systemic and from the white house and inside of the white behite and deputy chief-of-staff level down to career liberal activist in the federal government. they are moving private
3:54 am
programs to private evail. 14 separate e-mail that they didn't want to be part of the legal historicic record . the drug deal and get $150 million in adgot four billion under the bill and white whoit chief meteorologist and now president obama campaign manager has a private e-mail. the government has control and no one can follow on the delete button and back yup required under the presidential records act. it is example and goes from eps, captain of energy and white whoit and throughout government. >> gretchen: one of the worst is moving government business to private e-mails and you say that there was destroying of e-mails. >> yes, there is an affidavit in one of the lawsuits we filed in which one ages an activist office within the
3:55 am
agency approved nongovernment computers which the government is not permitted acess to. and they use that to acess e-mail and to try to get out of one behavior. they admitted, this destroys the entire history of his e-mails off of the spool and it never existed. this seems to be an example. all of the self congratulatory. like the nobel peace prize is a head fake. this began early and seen it through the libya tragedy and the first move to cover up. >> gretchen: this is the first president who did this type of activity? >> there was a road map of outrage when karl rove did political work and now white house aids can do that which is not appropriate for e-mail accounts. karl rove conducted political work on an rnc political act
3:56 am
and if he had done it on the white house account outrage would be the same. the road map of outrage shows us that they thought it was a problem and all of the talk of transparency showed to be different. he's the worst administration on this ever. >> gretchen: thank you so much. we'll be right back. with more "fox and friends" straight ahead. a little help saving. for adding "& sons." for the dreamer, planning an early escape. for the mother of the bride. for whoever you are, for whatever you're trying to achieve, pnc has technology, guidance, and over 150 years of experience to help you get there. ♪
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3:59 am
>> gretchen: good morning, it's september 28th. i hope you are going to have a great weekend and great day. yahoo giving a world of warnings. >> a red line should be drawn right here before we complete the second stage of nuclear enrichment. >> gretchen: what does president obama think about that? the phone in diplomacy and we report and you decide and you can report to. they knew it was terrorism
4:00 am
but hid it from the american people. what they didn't tell you and democrats are demanding answers. >> eric: forget the learning, students are being entered tainted by a big green ogre. >> it was the night before christmas and all through the house not a feature -- what? >> watching movies and wait until you hear why. fox and friends starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> gretchen: good morning, tgif, hope you are going to have a great friday. a lot to talk about, because the u.n. is going on with the general assembly and benjamin netanyahu went to the board literally. countries must stop iran from
4:01 am
getting a nuclear weapon. joining us from jerusalem is he land vittert. what was the reaction. >> reporter: good morning. every front page in israel had has that red line right here. spring 2013, that is where the prime minister drew the red line across the cartoon bomb here at 90% right before the yeiws have the ability to move to the final stage of a nuclear bomb. headlines are having fun, bb boom but this is the first dime that any israeli official especially the prime minister has issued a clear threat of israeli military action and defined a timeline of when it could happen sometime before iran enters the final stage of enrichment. before the united nations and in the prime minister's annual speech. drawing these red lines is the only way to prevent a war rather than start one. the iranians on their part says
4:02 am
if israel strikes they will retaliate. part of the prime minister's speech is laying out the case of why iran shouldn't get a nuclear bomb citing their support of hezbollah and hamas, both groups have used of suicide bombers. there is delaware going on here. for a long time there has, there has been diplomacy going on. they have been talking about an israeli strike that obama administration was not something they want to see. that looks lie the prime minister gave an olive branch and move the time line back. he did meet with secretary of state hillary clinton yesterday. today he was requested a meeting with president obama in washington, however that request was denied. he is seeing the president's schedule and we hear now he has three campaign events scheduled. >> thanks so much.
4:03 am
i was bit surprised by the poster board and the bomb. did that capture everybody by surprise? >> i'm sorry. in many way we were surprised. >> you were surprised. >> gretchen: let's explain what happened, because people in tv, you are clear probably and brian had a question. >> i also listen to the producer who is boss and i'm going listen to brian. everyone in some way was shocked but not really surprised. prime minister netanyahu is known for showmanship, that he has done here. he said it was a nuclear, it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck. and he has had a huge response and bringing up satire here.
4:04 am
there are number of cartoons floating out the internet with the prime minister holding up the cartoon and this is how i'm going to kill the road runner and bugs bunny. >> gretchen: great recovery. >> what is interesting. dan was on the channel yesterday and he says we're not going to take it personal that the president is not meeting because we understand he had 20 requests for meeting. can you imagine in a time there is so much strife in the north africa and middle east and say what is going on. how about the libyan government that told our f.b.i. you can't talk to the people in custody that killed the four americans including the ambassador as an you can't go to benghazi. you don't want to pull that guy aside and say are you kidding me? >> eric: in the aftermath, president obama had campaign
4:05 am
stops. campaign is very important. that is why he couldn't meet with netanyahu. if he meet with him he would have to meet with ten is what inside white house sources have said. so meet with ten. >> he is going to get his checks anyway. come on. >> gretchen: we discussed the why politically because you don't want to create news coming out of those meetings when it looks ahead in the polls so you coast. hillary clinton -- she is the hardest working person in washington. she is flying all over the world taking all these meetings for the president. a lot of people are going to wonder. >> don't they see this man is more interested in getting re-elected than doing the job he was elected to do in the first place, keeping us safe, number one. four american diplomats are dead. let's make sure that four more
4:06 am
won't get killed. >> but as the financial crisis hit as charles krauthammer wrote he got the presidency. now you have a myriad of emergency situations, economic crisis which is getting worse and international crisis and it seems to be a cover-up that seems to be growing. let's see mitt romney -- when we talk about a problem with benghazi. we're not talking about mitt romney or john mccain just saying i have a problem with this. we're talking about lawmakers on both sides of the aisle including senate foreign relations chairman john kerry. he is circulating a letter demanding answers about libya, egypt and yemen and all the other uprising and what we did and didn't know. >> gretchen: because sources are telling fox news 24 hours after the attack they knew it was a
4:07 am
terrorist attack. they mobilized and labeled eight terrorist attack because you mobilize several specific movements that are authorized under a particular resolution when you call it terrorism. they have continually said it's under investigation. the same sources say the f.b.i. is not even on the ground in libya. how can it be under investigation? how can it not be a terrorist attack after 24 hours they my it was terrorist attack. do you remember when the interim president said a terrorist attack and it was administration officials saying no, it was about the movie and spontaneous reaction to the movie. now, we know there are no f.b.i. agents on the ground. i think the man on the ground with those people, with the investigation going on knew a little more. why did the administration for two and a half weeks say it wasn't a preplanned terror attack. not only did they know they labeled it so they could release
4:08 am
the authorizations for use of military force against terrorists. that is the act they needed to label so they could release the funding for the investigation. >> fundamentally because they were on terror that al-qaeda was down or on the run and they were diminished and focused on the pakistani area. we know we had c.i.a. assets on the ground because what could be mass destruction in their hands as well as some -- because there was a fear that al-qaeda was growing. if you look at the map they are all over north africa and president doesn't want that come out. >> gretchen: now the investigation about how the investigation is disseminated to the american public but why there was so little protection for our ambassador in libya. that will be the second phase. >> it was budget is one of the reasons. it's very important to note that
4:09 am
our mabz mbdz was killed four hours later before the navy seals were killed. we had assets on the ground in tripoli, why didn't they get there? >> senator bob corker calls it benghazi gate. >> gretchen: candidate more likely to have the united states take the lead on world events, 52% say that is mitt romney, 36% say it is president obama. we got to get headlines in for you. brand-new details about a deadly workplace shooting in minnesota. a former employee leaving four people dead and then he turned the gun on himself. he went there to look for the people that fired him earlier the day. neighbors ran out of their home. >> i came out and neighbor lady was across, did you hear something. it sounded like gunfire to me.
4:10 am
>> gretchen: four others hurt. three still in critical condition. >> brand-new video out of nepal deadly plane crash. 19 people were killed. it happened 2 minutes after takeoff. the plane apparently hit a vulchure. it was headed for the mount everest region with british and chinese on board. >> tsa screeners at orlando international airport letting a loaded gun slip through security and onto an airplane. she realized it in the air she had the gun. a woman who is a firefighter. told authorities and they had no explanation how they missed the gun. >> and new teacher for a
4:11 am
student. to learn and read and write, as many as hundred first graders in brooklyn have been watching movies since the first day of school. they have been forced to sit 'the auditorium since there is not enough class rooms. too many kids were zoned to go to the school. they are watching the movies. which one is it? not sure. >> it was no toy gun. this little adorable boy playing with, it was a real pistol. where did the heck he get it? >> then we were talking about senators from both sides of the aisle wanted answers from the president what happened in libya. how will it affect the election. political panel will weigh in next. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:12 am
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4:15 am
>> brian: obama administration new within 24 hours that the murder of our ambassador and two navy seals was a terrorist attack. so why did susan rice say this to the american people. >> this was not a premeditated attack. what happened initially it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. our current assessment what happened in benghazi was in fact a spontaneous reaction. what our assessment as of the present is in fact what it begin spontaneously in benghazi as a reaction to what had transpired from hours earlier in cairo. >> brian: i think they should write face the nation more in
4:16 am
the backdrop. matt is here, editor and chief of washington freebie con. and marjorie christian is here, a and she is a democratic strategist. are you surprised by these events, how they were wrong in telling us something but internally it was totally different story? >> i am shocked. ambassador rice is total credibility issue to not only have a different story but to be flat cut off by the secretary of state and secretary of defense. i wanted to hear from the president. the president has been silent. statements said he was attacked. the ladies of view, he used to give a speech laying out case because so far his administration has dropped the ball on this. >> brian: i don't think it's
4:17 am
going to go anywhere. we have to find out why security wasn't bolstered up. president had a strict briefing that something could be happening on september 11th. >> that true but the issue is what susan rice said. if barack obama is re-elected it's rumored, it is rumored that clinton will be next secretary of state -- susan rice may be the next secretary of state and he is either a fool and tool of the white house and she has to answer for herself. >> you have to look at her words. what she says her current assessment. same language that was used at 9/11. it is not smart for any administration that doesn't have information to go on national television and started talking about things they don't know. what we know right now. benghazi government has
4:18 am
recommended the f.b.i. stay away from the site. they haven't been able to go on the site of the attack. what they do know is not that it was days it was planned out but hours potentially and in the flex of chaos. >> brian: moving on to bin laden for her to come out and say that. i didn't blame her. who told her to say that? and it's significant that the secretary of state didn't say it. it was the ambassador to the u.n. when we know they knew it wasn't a spontaneous attack. >> who is in charge. >> you hear about arab governments over this uprising, they say we don't know who is in charge. we get mixed messages from the white house. it's the same thing with bob woodward about domestic politics and debt ceiling. who is in charge boehner says. i get a message from the president and another from his
4:19 am
staff this is white house that is not in control of events. >> brian: do you have a problem with him going to the fund-raiser the same day of the ambassador's death, bob bechel said it was a huge mistake? >> you see this in every administration. show must go on. intelligence gathering is going to continue over the coming months. the same thing we dealt with 9/11. if you talk to anyone in national security on. >> brian: showed didn't go on. >> i disagree with that. i think it was horrible to go to fund-raiser. hillary clinton spent time with the colleagues and she took care of everyone at the time. and president should have done that. >> brian: hundreds of illegals not supposed to that in the country but registered to vote. democrats say it's not a problem what do you say? what happens when a squirrel gets busted reading, hard
4:20 am
hitting stories, he jumps out the window and he can fly
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
cost of a gallon of gasoline is up 8 cents. next, 25 million bucks, that is how much medicare wrongly spent on refills for painkillers and other drugs that are illegal to refill. and finally one million dollars and that is how much liberal billionaire george soros donated to the obama super pac. >> at least 31 cases of absentee
4:24 am
cases of voter fraud. 39 days of voter fraud popping elsewhere and everywhere. what impact will it have on the upcoming election? back with our political panel. with matthew, lady lynn and marjorie. first off. do you believe it's problem? >> absolutely. the criticism is not about changing or reforming voter laws but it has to do with voter i.d. laws. there is no proof the laws in the books are actually going to do anything. and we're talking about one in ten voters potentially being cut from the polls in many of the states. voting is something we value. it's part ouc democracy but there are things we can do such as electronic registration or electronic voting booths that would help. >> brian: my big thing is not
4:25 am
just demands that you bring an i.d. i can't get on the plane with some form of i.d. why can't someone bring an i.d.? why is that fight. >> i think its basic civic duty. there are certain steps you need to take. we talked about shared sacrifice. voter i.d. is an example of that. >> brian: joe joy behar says that is a republican plot to get hispanics and blacks not to vote. >> i think that is ridiculous. we are all better off when all americans go to the polls and feel engaged. i think that the important thing right now is that we're not -- the packers in the last second of the game we're in the third quarter. we don't have to be worried about will there be cheating or not. this is most important election of our lifetime. we have two very flawed, in my
4:26 am
actions and know that obama is a better candidate than romney. then the decision has to be -- that romney will be the better president. are we upset by the record of barack obama versus his rhetoric? >> brian: i'm sure you remember what happened in florida. and we had 198 non-citizens illegally registered? >> i don't think this is going to be a conversation about undocumented immigrants going to polls. the question is not, is there a problem, the question is are these laws going to do anything to change it. with voter i.d., absolutely. its civic responsibility but the reality. this is not a reality that you and i deal with but it has to do with poor populations that don't have transportation. what the government should be doing is making voter i.d. more
4:27 am
attainable. >> that is great conversation but unfortunately democrats accuse republicans of racism that we can't have that conversation. >> brian: and this time voted most cerebral and civil. [ laughter ] >> we'll try to you hook you up with fergie. have a good day. and it has not stopped kathleen sebelius campaigning for her president. this is something you haven't heard before. the ice cream you have to eat before you workout. i demand it! ♪ ♪
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4:31 am
>> gretchen: its friday and ice cream is actually good for you? sounds too good to be true, right? >> and the truth about this. nicole is here. nicky is here how we can drink something and feel better about ourselves. >> and we're on the weekends
4:32 am
doing pushups but i put my weights down to show you how to make ice cream. >> it's one ingredient. my father is a cancer survivor and that is how we found the recipe. it's frozen bananas. >> it's like a smoothie. >> you would chop up the bananas four minutes or by a yonanna machine. you take the bananas and chop them up a little bit. you add the top on it and push it down. it comes right out. we're missing the top. >> you have to make adjustments. >> it rolls right out. you put a couple in first to
4:33 am
start them coming out and push them in and whirl the bowl around a little bit. but it ends up the consistency of ice cream. you can add berries if you like. >> its work out just jamming the bananas. >> why is this good to do after a workout? >> because bananas have so many good things in them. you can have protein and fiber and potassium. and if you have enough -- >> in other words, you jam it all together and you put it through here but where does it get the consistency, a squirrel can't handle it. i need a spoon. >> it comes out like soft ice cream. >> wow, this is really good. >> and we did it earlier. it comes out just like the ice
4:34 am
cream. >> it takes like a smoothie. >> but you do the bananas and i did the fruit ones and add the chopped nuts. >> how many calories. >> hundred calories per banana. it's great healthy tip. you can get more on my twitter. >> if you see nicky's top because we're missing it. [ laughter ] >> we have some news. >> gretchen: we have headlines. there has been a prison break in saddam hussein hometown, 80 prisoners escaped and they escaped a after an hour's long gun battled. they broke into storage room and turned them on the guards. ten guards and two inmates are dead. more than 30 people are hurt. prison officials say 36 prisoners have been captured. >> brian: 911 call released from shocking scene in arizona. it looks like a grenade
4:35 am
launcher. it turned out to be a hoax but people in the area had no idea. >> what are you reporting, sir? >> it looks like a bazooka or machine gun but its kid that is playing with something. >> and he is pointing it at vehicles as they cross by? >> yeah, he had it on shoulder like a holster but pointed at me. i got freaked out. >> brian: they say he dressed up because he wanted to catch police response after the dark knight movie massacre. >> eric: a mother goes to get her child out of the back seat of a car and finds him playing with a gun. she went back and told enterprise rental car what happened and manager found another gun in a different car on the same lot.
4:36 am
police aren't saying if either gun are loaded. >> gretchen: caught on camera. carries through someone's kitchen, does a few laps around the table and take a look at the daring escape. a here it is. whoa! right out the window. as you see the squirrel made it and ran off. >> sounds like this is from jamaica. >> by the way, on could the squirrel be fighting crime. he does seem to have superpowers. >> think that squirrel needs its own tv show. >> it might get one. >> why would you be in front of the whole country. >> gretchen: me? >> what is going on. >> we actually have storms across the country, ohio river valley and over texas where
4:37 am
things are going to build here in terms of some showers activity. heavy rain over the weekend. quick look at the northeast. this system moving into new england. we have storms creeping that the tennessee river valley. we have severe weather that struck portions of colorado. four tornadoes yesterday and no severe weather today but thankfully a lot of rain across west texas and gulf coast. we could have something tropical forming in the gulf this weekend and we'll keep an eye on it and bring you the latest. back to you. >> gretchen: thanks very much. let's talk a little bit about. kathleen sebelius the health and human services secretary in the obama administration, she got in trouble back in february because she did the speech in north carolina where she basically endorsed president obama while she was working in her capacity as secretary, you are not supposed to do that. it's violation of hatch act.
4:38 am
>> that is the happiest shot. i can't believe i have kathleen sebelius here. look at the president. he was sad on inauguration day. >> she got in trouble for violating. >> gretchen: what is happening now, brian. >> brian: none of your business. [ laughter ] >> brian: she got reprimanded in february and she is never going to do anything like that again. unless you count this weekend when she is going to new hampshire. the they have reprimanded her but. >> there are couple white house people who have gone out on the campaign trail. there are a lot to make sure that servicing paid for separately, that the american
4:39 am
taxpayer doesn't pay for it i. think i the violation when the taxpayer pay foshdz it. you have to make sure you do it on personal time and not on the taxpayer clock. i think david plouffe has done it. he worked done it for the white house as well. both of them have done it. remember, specifically after president obama decided he was important super pacs he sent campaign people but white house people. they have to make a clear distinction why they are doing it. i you could be wrong. let us know and e-mail us. >> gretchen: let us take a look at the latest poll. talking about media bias over the last couple of weeks. news organizations are spending more time defending president obama and attacking mitt romney 47% of the people agree with that.
4:40 am
or defending romney and attacking president obama. only 16% say that is how it's happened. >> brian: jim of cnn gets a few minutes with governor romney. i'm listening on the radio and we played the soundbite down. one of the questions was, do you really think when the president hits bumps on the road, do you think he meant the middle east? >> sn? >> yes. what would i mean. in other words, you said the murder of an ambassador, the uprising in the middle east are bumps in the middle east. do you think he meant that? did anyone go up 47 of the country doesn't matter or did anybody bring up anything that might be controversial that mitt romney like you fly like the fire people? that is unbelievable. with some of the questions they have to governor romney. i am surprised he doesn't lose it sometimes. >> gretchen: let us know you
4:41 am
have any other examples you want to share with us. coming up, he broke the watergate scandal and bob woodward says a fiscal day of remembering ongoing is coming and president's failure to lead may be to blame. >> eric: then rags to riches story. and dishing on everything even her famous ex-, george hamilton. >> gretchen: 1967, this academy winning award actress is best known as romi white. be the first to e-mail us and we'll send you something good, maybe some banana ice cream. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
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4:45 am
>> gretchen: she came from meager beginning and became an international supermodel. she had two high profile miles one to george hamilton but she says there was plenty of heartache and pain. she shares her story in "rearview mirror." i love the picture on the front cover. is that you? >> whimsical. i don't know if i am whimsical. i'm friendly, but i've got another side of me. i'm part cherokee. my great-grandmother was cherokee. >> gretchen: and you grew up very poor? >> we had an outhouse. >> gretchen: but you grew up with conservative values. a lot of people are surprised at
4:46 am
that? >> my grandmother was strict religious southern baptist woman. she slept with a .38 by the side of her bed. what i learned from her what got me through life because it got me through painful and difficult challenges in my life. >> gretchen: so you become a model. you move to the big time and you talk about in the book how you had struggles with self-image? >> i thought i was skinny because they tease me in school. i was called bones and suddenly go to new york, within five minutes, i thougas fat because i was told to lose five pounds. i had no real sense of self. i hadn't learned that growing up because i grew up in such a crazy dysfunctional home after i moved out from my grandmother. i started to think i was overweight. i became bow leem i can. >> gretchen: you end up marrying
4:47 am
george hamilton? >> i adore him. we call each other ma and pa. >> gretchen: why did you get divorced then? >> i was in a different place. he wanted to live a more settled life. i was fairly new in hollywood. i had stars in my eyes. he wanted to live a very quiet life and i didn't. we kind of grew apart. >> gretchen: you didn't have a settled life because you married rock stewart? >> i used to pray to stay home at night. that lasted for five years? >> six years. >> gretchen: how is your relationship with rod stewart now? >> we don't have the same relationship as george except when we fight about kids and money. >> gretchen: what is it like being a conservative in hollywood? >> it's very unusual and very different.
4:48 am
i don't hide it. i'm not one of these people that worries that people won't give me a job. but i have a few conservative friends. we used to sit around and bash bush when he was president. that he they rarely talk politics. >> gretchen: why? >> because they think they are disappointed in what has happened the last four years, but i don't think they wanted to admit it. some of them are very stubborn and they are still going to hold on to their decision and blame the last president. >> gretchen: people wanted to find out your amazing life, alanna stewart. thanks for your time. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: coming up, he broke the water gate scandal. now bob woodward says the fiscal day is reckoning and president's failure to lead may be to blame.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
the answers to the question of the today miro sorveno and the winner is gordon from new mexico. >> bob woodward knows a whole lot about washington and politics. he has been washing it d washington before that. now his new book takes inside the obama white house during last summer's debt crisis. and fiscal day of reckoning is
4:53 am
right around the corner. bob woodward is our guest. a fiscal crisis around the corner, that will be next book i think? >> we have a federal government, financial house is not in order. we have $16 trillion of ious out in the world and we are going to have bureau another trillion borrow another trillion or two. >> you met a lot of people behind the scenes. you said there was a good hand is shake between the president and business leaders but that friendship soured? >> he has not closed the deal with had the leaders in his party. he doesn't have the personal relationships and he alienated the business leaders that was unnecessary. there are scenes in the book where he invites business
4:54 am
leaders to the white house for the superbowl. big deal. so they go and spend 15 seconds with him. >> brian: this is from the book. quote, obama sided before the game but then he went down to the front row to watch the game with his buddies. when he complained to one. you you are in same room with him. you should be happy? >> you are with the president. sidenberg was head of verizon but head of the business council that represents the businesses in this country that account for about half the g.d.p. and employment. so you have to have a relationship. clinton was able to do it. we didn't agree with the business leaders on lots of things. obama has not -- >> you chronicle meetings and interactions, listen, you have a
4:55 am
problem connecting here. you are listening and you got the sense he was waiting for me to finish so they could say something back is. >> look. we know in our business in government, in anything personal relationships matter. he has got this distance from everyone. and he hasn't been that relationship with his party leaders. harry reid has to go into the oval office with his chief of staff to make a point to the president that on these negotiations, they didn't have a follow back plan. >> president obama had the chance to attack the debt with the simpson-boles commission. how did that break down? how did president obama push away from a commission that he was looking from? >> two months ago when i interviewed the president for the book i asked him about that,
4:56 am
he said the simpson-boles proposal to cut or eliminate for mortgage interest rate, and charitable contributions would be wildly unpopular. that congress would vote it down. >> bob, we got to have you back. we'll be back with a final out. just a moment. hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. for their "destination wedding."
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5:00 am
this time? geraldo is warming up. >> brian: this one is baby, a baby doing a stand. not so funny when someone called the cops. fox and friends starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> brian: get ready for the final hour of the week coming your way. >> eric: coming up this hour, we have geraldo rivera standing by and can you believe a situation where referees get standing ovations. >> they made a couple calls because the home crowd wasn't happy with them. people looking at referees the
5:01 am
cameras was on the whole game. >> i'm booing the whole referee thing. it's unions. >> gretchen: i bet for the ratings were skyrocketed. >> but i think we should tell the players not to make any penalties. >> gretchen: that is never going to happen. we have a fox news alert. we had a prison break in saddam hussein's home down, more than 80 inmates, on the loose right now. they is escaped from a prison after hours' long gun battle. brings nergs stole weapons and turned them on the guards. ten guards, two inmates dead. more than 30 people hurt. prison officials say 36 prisoners are those that escaped have so far been captured. >> brand-new video, a driver going into a home overnight. they injured a woman and five-year-old daughter. they should be okay. we think the driver 22-year-old
5:02 am
was drunk. >> brand-new details emerging over a deadly workplace shooting in minnesota. former employee of a sign company leaving four people dead. then he turned the gun on himself. police say the gunman were looking for the people that fired him earlier that day. neighbors heard the shots and even had people running to them for help. >> gentleman came up breathing very hard and very scared. he said, can you hear the sirens? there has been a shooting and he may be after me. >> four other people were hurt. three of them are still in critical condition right now. >> this is the photo that is circulating online. as you can see it looks lie the baby is doing a keg stand. it was taking a tailgating party. one witness didn't think it was funny where it started to make the rounds.
5:03 am
they are not sure if the child is drinking beer. an attorney for the child's parents says the whole thing was staged. not funny at all. >> arizona state, anything is possible. >> i'm not sure you can see it but the end of the tap is in the kid's mouth. i'm watching this series on discovery how america, in the early days of our country kids used to drink beer. kids used to drink beer. >> lots of children in some of the mediterranean countries given wine quite young. >> let's talk about what is going over in benghazi. geraldo has been there. >> i coined the phrase benghazi gate. i coined it the last week, brian. it is the definition of what the administration said.
5:04 am
>> i want to walk that back. [ laughter ] >> brian: at this time i would like to aapologize. >> a conciliatory gesture. >> thank you, some flexibility. >> don't we have a little thing to do. didn't you have this fight on this exact where i said it's clearly not the movie and you said, no, the administration is not hiding anything. now, we know. 24 hours after the attack. now, we know. it's unbelievable. >> first of all let me define benghazi gate. is the real question about what the true nature of events that led to the death christopher stevens and when they knew it. that is the context of benghazi gate. let's take it from the beginning. it happens on september 11th and
5:05 am
spilling into september 12th. because as brian reminded people i do have some experience in that violent and chaotic country. let's give the administration the benefit of the doubt in the first 24-48 hours of the fog of war. there were the simultaneous events in the other countries, so there could have been some connection to the film initially. that is wednesday, thursday, certainly by the time ambassador rice speaks on all the sunday talk shows on september 16th. it must be clear to her and to the administration at that point that what happened several days before was not the spontaneous response of a mob reacting to hateful film. the reason we call it benghazi gate, it contains the grim prospected that the
5:06 am
administration should have known -- and ambassador rice came out. >> last night. two incredible stories, 24 hours of those attacks the administration knew. u.s. officials knew. >> you know, be logical. 24 hours after the event in benghazi, how do you know for sure anything. you really don't. you have to be fair. give them a day or two. it doesn't change the nature of the scandal. it is the biggest foreign policy blunder. only kink in the obama armor administration. this is one cancer. >> gretchen: susan rice went four or five days after when you agree they should have known or did know that it was a terrorist attack. she went on all these talk shows and said was still a spontaneous
5:07 am
reaction. you go out on the street and you tell the people what happened in libya. a lot of people say it was because of the video. what should happen to the administration now? >> think i you need a full and fair investigation. you need the cables. you need ambassador stevens' diaries and you need the c.i.a. intercepts as to the nature of this militia which was fully capable of mounting this attack. i think its long shot that al-qaeda from mali was anyway involved. there is bitter relations between the militia and malian people because they were main soldiers of the khadafy army. they really don't get along. i can't see them influencing that. >> you have seen coverups before. but this is worst cover-up i have seen in my life. with cbs and fox news and they
5:08 am
are into benghazi. to find the guy's journal, it hasn't been secured yet. where was the security around him? >> you are jumping around now? let's take the f.b.i.'s presence in benghazi. why is the f.b.i. the lead agency in the investigation. sn when they investigate generally speaking they are trying to solve a crime. they are cops trying to solve a crime. this wasn't a crime. this was an act of war. this was an act of terrorism. this is something for the defense intelligence and c.i.a. to be investigating. >> now we know they labeled it an act of terror within 24 hours so. for the better part of last two and a half weeks it wasn't terror. clearly when the u.n.
5:09 am
ambassador susan rice spoke on the sunday talk shows they could not have known that this was an act of terror by that point. now, there may have been some simultaneous riffraff anarchy elements going on there, but there was definitely concerted as senator john mccain suggests, coordinated military attack with direct and indirect fire. >> they knew where they found the safe house. >> yes. it could also be brian, it was elements within the militia who are al-qaeda related, are you al-qaeda or just anti-american muslim extremist by a different name. to identify it clear clearly they are terrorists, people are terrorists but they could have been wholly home-grown
5:10 am
terrorists from libya. libya contributed more to the fight in afghanistan and in iraq than any other arab country. they do have the elements. >> gretchen: my question remains unanswered. how can they get away from saying this? >> greta: i don't think they are -- getting away at all. >> let's talk about netanyahu. he spoke at u.n. assembly. president will not meet with him. only a phone call may happen. he sent hillary clinton to meet with netanyahu. right decision? >> hillary clinton is the hardest working and effective person. quick point. president and israeli prime minister do not like each other. it was very clear when he was suak go nicolas sarcozy. they are muttering about netanyahu is very incendiary
5:11 am
politician. he wants what he wants he was trying to inject himself into the american political process when he was campaigning about making the president define a red line. he was in the pre-election climate very ill-advisely trying to influence the political election. jumping to general assembly. i thought that yesterday he was right on, i think his graphics were very easily understood. he was very clear-cut and more importantly from the point of view of the united states, his position that israel's position and the united states position is now almost in-sync. bb pushed back preemptive israeli strike on iran's nuclear facilities to next spring or next summer. that coincides with the
5:12 am
president. >> gretchen: why is he sending hillary clinton? >> going back with the fine interview with bob woodward. i can't figure out how he is playing the this, all these campaign events and not doing the business of the presidency. there is an aspect of cableness about him and kind of entitled, a sense, i'll set the pace that i think is business disconcerting. having said that, they do talk on the phone and hillary clinton is eloquent and able and almost president of the united states. i don't think bb is trading down when he is talking to hillary. we're going doing. >> gretchen: coming up this press corps is most corrupt in american history? we'll ask her about her thoughts next. >> and barney franks stunning
5:13 am
admission about pot brownies. >> are you still covering him? ♪ ♪ because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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5:16 am
according to a poll, 47% of the likely voters says media is attacking mitt romney more than obama and why? she picks up the same trend. have you ever seen anything like this before? >> it's normal for the press to lean to the left with the notable exception with this network but we expected that in every campaign that is the case. in 2008, saturday night live made fun of the press for lap dog treatment of obama. we knew that. this year i think it has gone to
5:17 am
the point where it's kind of corruption. it really does rig the game because the press is so covering for this president and so gang go up on mitt romney. it really does give you the idea that the game is rigged. they have the capacity to decide the story. >> brian: you went into specifics for your column. let's look at the poll. overseas trip that mitt romney got ripped for. what happened there, highlight was a union guy. he said mitt romney is my guy. i'm disappointed that the president. >> noble peace prize winner, former president of poland, hero of the fall of the soviet union, he basically wrapped his arms around mitt romney, but the story of the trip was that romney had made a so-called gaffe in london which was a minor thing. or that romney's press guy had
5:18 am
said something rude to a press corps at cemetery event. those were the dominant stories. in fact jon stewart ran a graphic, national geo gaffe. that was gaffe ridden trip but it was highly successful. speech in israel was greatly received. >> brian: the other example just happened. when you have the attacks at benghazi. romney makes a statement and nobody focuses on the day after the ambassador is killed. >> or the president has sent out susan rice on chat shows and told basically lies because they knew it was terrorist attack and they sent out her to say it was a protest over a movie. to go back to the polling thing really quickly. there was a gaffe about polling. it was committed by president obama in may, not in off the
5:19 am
cuff way but prepared remarks, he referred to polish death camps instead of nazi death camps. he caused a rift. was that portrayed? most people probably never heard of that. >> brian: in europe they did and they really did react. look forward to the debates. ten minutes before the hour. teen girl had to drop out of school and they accused bully says he is the victim. and military veteran, he says the president is using bin laden for political points. he wrote a letter. you won't believe what he got back. ♪ ♪
5:20 am
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go out and try to get it. >> i can't get that because that is out. >> what came about was my desire to want to win. it sort of came from the wrong side of tracks. we were poor. tennis was a rich person's sport. it was important for me to beat them. >> why do you say you had to beat them? >> that gave me a level playing field. they may have their whiteout fits and nice cars and houses, but i had my tennis. >> born in san francisco, rosie was brought up by her great aunt and uncle. they introduced her to the game and drove her around to local
5:25 am
tournaments. >> i had to push the car to get it started. we used to live in a little hill and my dad would say, jump in and i'm going to push it. you start it. then i would. he would push the car down the hill and i would go down and pick him up. >> standing at 5'2", she won on pure hustle and quickly established herself as best player in northern california. >> he loved to get behind the court and yell at me. [ laughter ] >> i would say go away. don't talk to me anymore. no coaching is allowed. >> at 16 she met billy jean king and made an impression. >> she just gave it everything she had. she was the look at the straight
5:26 am
in the eye and say, we may be down mch point but we're going to win this match. believe me, we won that match. >> the two would form one of the most formidable doubles team winning seven grand slams. >> she was not easy to play with, but she brought out the best in me because i believed in her. with a partner and you have to believe in your partner. i was much more up tight before the match and not hit a ball. i would say i'm fine. five-minute warmup. i'm shaking my head, you got to be kidding. this is not the way to win. >> when she was awful. i could be very good. when i wasn't so good she could be very good. when both of us were really good we were unbeatable. >> then in 1968, they opened it
5:27 am
up to compete against amateurs for the first time. this opened era finally gave players to make a living playing tennis. >> what was tennis like back then for women? how were women perceived? >> i can tell you that we weren't given the same opportunities that the guys had. where there was prize money the ratio was ten to one. so you were second class citizens and that was difficult to take after a while. we felt we were equal. >> in 1970 after repeated attempts to get jack kramer to increase women's prize money, rosie and billy jean ziod to boycott the southwest tournament a move that didn't sit well. >> we never looked back. it was the best move that the women could have ever made. that really put women's tennis on the map. >> they became the original nine
5:28 am
and signed one dollar contracts and started what would become the virginia slims tour, a lucrative tour that brought women's tennis into the mainstream. we were scared. sometimes you have to have that leap of faith. rosie was right there persuading people to listen. we have this idea. it's going to work. rosie did such a great job. >> you have given so much to tennis, what has tennis given you? >> tennis has given me my life, really who i am. like our generation we never made enough money we could say. this generation can retire. i've gotten a lot out of it. tennis is who i am. ♪ >> great job. talk about giving back.
5:29 am
rosie still coaches and works with kids in the palm springs area. they have come a long way in terms of supporting women's tennis. they named the site of the u.s. tennis open after billy jean king. next week the remarkable a senior researcher who is using applied mathematics to change the world. to see more stories go to fox news >> coming up next, new numbers on the economy just released and charles says there is big information here. administration won't tell you about it. and worst proposal ever. this guy is staging a plane crash to pop the question. are you kidding me? would you say yes after that? [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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5:34 am
personal spending went up 0.5%. thanks to the housing market that is down into the dumps. people aren't spending and it's time to bring in charles gasparino. how do you analyze those numbers. >> the economy is not growing. that is 1.7 is pretty bad, 1.25, we are obviously going in the opposite direction. if you look at the ceo survey recently that came out,. it basically says ceos we are heading to the 2009 economic growth. what is scary about this, there is no outrage from the media. we are heading toward a double-dip recession. we have a president who is advocating policies that didn't grow the question very well.
5:35 am
i don't read about it. people are out of work. >> brian: they are going with the one statement that bill clinton it was so bad when he took over, even i couldn't turn the economy around in four years. >> when you talk to economists, never before has there been so much stimulus, particularly monetary system will, fed printing money. the only why that is happening, i wish bill clinton would use his common sense. the fiscal side of the coin, the side controlled by the white house. that side is scaring businesses. when you threaten them with taxes, you threaten them with more spending, with obamacare, they ratchet back and they don't hire people. >> eric: when they don't hire maybe they don't give people raises. that is part of the reason. its consumer driven economy? >> partially, yes. you have to talk to business
5:36 am
people about it. they react non-political. they are not tea party activists. they are moderately conservative. they are scared about the future because they are scared about what is coming out of washington. they are not scared because of tax cuts but they are scared because regulation is going to increase and obamacare and some of the things. when you have a president that is staring in the teeth of obviously of stimulus program that wasn't working according to what they said how they said it would work. then he turns around and he throws a mandate on them known as obamacare. that is economic insanity. that is why businesses are not expanding and hiring people. >> gretchen: two big players expected to be added to the too big fail listed? >> aig and g.e.. this is scary. we are now expanding the number of firms that will be bailed out.
5:37 am
8 banks, wells fargo, j.p. morgan and citi and those are the firms like the european crisis, the regulators get scared. there are firms they probably would bail out if they would implode because it would tank the entire financial. if you read dodd-frank, two more have been added to that list. it's scary we are expanding the list of potential bail outs. sheila bair will lay in on this because this is scary situation. >> gretchen: all right. thanks for leaving us with that. [ laughter ] >> have a pizza. >> gretchen: we have to do some headlines because sad news, sons of anarchy after an ex-boyfriend of katie perry. they say he murdered his landlady and then jumped to his
5:38 am
death. it happened in hollywood. 28-year-old spent two seasons on the show sons of anarchy. probation officers worried about him. he was sent to counseling and left jail five days before he died. >> barney frank has an interesting admission about marijuana. here is what what the congressman said if he was asked smoked pot regularly. >> no, i didn't. i smoke a cigar and did have a brownie once. >> he is five of legalizing marijuana. please retire soon. >> pot cigars, they must contain a lot of pot. >> backlash over president obama. scoring points off of osama bin laden's death using ads like this one, it's note sitting well with the members of the armed forces.
5:39 am
we talked to a person who was at the upset he wrote a letter to white house. >> we have to president clinton, he can sell anything. that whole narration that went on, it was touting the hard decision that the white house made. yes, they made the decision and went in, he is willing to take -- or not take credit for any of the economic failures in the last seven years. >> in response, major david king he got a former letter back, dear david, thank you for writing. each day i hear from concerned men and women who are struggling in this economy, their stories encourage me to continue working to ensure all americans can find good jobs so they can support families and communities. no mention of thank you for your service. >> gretchen: a man takes his girlfriend on plane ride she will never forget. he pretends the are about to
5:40 am
crash. he makes her read the emergency procedures. in those procedures it read, will you marry me. she said yes. what? >> very romantic. >> gretchen: that is cruel. i can't believe she said that. >> they are coming up in just a minute. >> see them in the background. >> brian: we've been talking about this. is there a huge cover-up in the attacks over libya. all signs say yes. but how high does it go up. peter johnson, jr. has done some research. >> and she had death threats, it was so bad she had to drop out of school and accused bully says he is the victim. judge jeanne is standing by but first what is on tap for the weekend.
5:41 am
>> hi,. including a shocking new study showing a big portion of the obamacare tax burden will be passed on to small businesses. so will small business owners be able to provide health care for employees. we'll explore that. >> we have a powerful story,mugg to transform their children's failing inner city school. producers of the new film won't back down will be here to talk to us. >> and if you need something extra to head to the gym, this is entirely different, pickle juice. some say it works to help fuel your work out. i'm going to stick with the coffee. we'll have that starting tomorrow morning. ♪ ♪ made gluten-free cereals in a bunch of yummy flavors. like cinnamon chex, honey nut chex, and chocolate chex... we're inereal heaven.
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5:45 am
new video shot by locals in a nepal. crash happened two minutes after takeoff. plane apparently hit a as a rule which you are and was trying to turn back. >> warm welcome for return of the n.f.l. refs. they were back on the field ending the replacement refs and got a standing ovation. ravens won. >> obama administration knew within 24 hours that the murder of our ambassador and three others was a terrorist attack and labeled it that way internally. so why did it repeatedly, administration tell a different story to the american people? fox news analyst peter johnson, jr. you know its cover-up. it's about the campaign but the repercussions go on for the next years. it's about trust and confidence
5:46 am
in our government. it's about the social compact between the people and our government and it's about our ability to say, are you telling me the truth? the government didn't tell us the truth because it didn't jibe with the narrative that al-qaeda had been destroyed. it didn't jibe with the narrative that we're safe. it didn't jibe that they had notice of five different attacks in the preceding few months in benghazi on ambassador and consulate of united states of america. it was dramatic repuid yiagh of obama's new beginning. the speech in 2009 where he said i have so much in common with you, we do. let's live together in a brotherhood of man. then when we see this devastating attack, it blows up that narrative for the campaign. problem is, it destroys our confidence in our government whether president obama is the president or mitt romney becomes president. it's not about politics.
5:47 am
about it's about constitution and it's about americans believing the word of our officials. >> eric: i mentioned in the intro it's important they label this terrorism because they can use an act that can release funding to investigate it. why is it important? >> it's important on a lot of levels. i don't know how it's being investigated. we were told at the beginning that the f.b.i. has not arrived yet. then we heard that the c.i.a. had been taken out of libya and out of benghazi because too dangerous. now, we see a times story they are interviewing people in cars because libya is too dangerous to interview these folks. at the same time we hear from the administration these folks are our friends but we can't interview people --. >> eric: what should the administration do. how do they put the genie back in the bottle? >> they need to tell the truth. when the cancer has been excised
5:48 am
don't fudge it. don't say it's an infection that the cancer has returned. we are entitled to the truth the we are americans. >> eric: peter johnson, jr. good to see you. >> she said she was bullied so much she couldn't go to school, why is the accused bullying say he is the victim. judge jeanine for every parent out there. first, let's check in with bill hemmer what is on top. >> nice to see you bright and early. top stop on by. >> will do. >> new questions this morning about what the administration knew about the attack in libya. new poll numbers on the election great lineup, mike huckabee and chris wallace did they take a step toward war. and 7 martha and i will see you in ten minutes on a friday.
5:49 am
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>>. >> gretchen: a teenager says she was tormented so much at school and online she had to drop out. mom says the school refused to help. she took matters into her own hands. they got two boys that were accused of bullying her but he now says he is the victim. >> the bully, he is bullied but he is the victim. how is that? >> of course, he the victim. he is the bully. what is he going to say? even so i kill katie club where the club they tried to get other kids involved in taunteding this young girl relentlessly. he says he a victim because the
5:53 am
police took him out of school in handcuffs. i doubt they would have taken him out of school if he was victim. what we have in this country right now is school districts that are reluctant to do anything because they are fearful that the reputation of schools will be destroyed if they admit there is bullying. this mother did everything she could. she went to the school administrator and she said my daughter is being taunted. she goes to the san diego police and they said, look you don't have enough evidence. she pulls her out of school and ready to move out of the area. they continue to taunt her on and on. then she goes to the police and said, here, are you happy. they drag him out of school in cuffs. >> listen to him who thinks he is the victim. >> one muif friends, all i said, one last thing, never had any intentional thing, like wanting to hurt anybody. >> here is the school comments.
5:54 am
school safety is highest priority. we have specific procedures regarding behaviors. incidents are taken seriously. here is where i think part of the problem. so much of it is done on the internet. laws have not caught up to the technology. so this stuff can be going on and it's very complicated for schools and police and everyone to be involved. >> i really don't. when i was a d.a. even though we didn't have these laws, if it is harassment or stalking why they do it on internet or by mail or in person. >> gretchen: it's hard to prosecute? >> if you can prove it it's still the underlying crime of harassment or any of other possible crimes of stalking. that is excuse being used. to be honest with you the law in california is about an inch
5:55 am
thick. >> eric: punishable by? >> what it depend. it could have been misdemeanor. he should have been suspended. but the school doesn't send a letter out to parents reminding them the problem of bullying. so once the police get involved, the school says, your kids can't bully other kids. they should have done it long before. this would have been prevented. it's a testament to the fact that schools to have recognize it's not only a crime, it's not only a violation of their policy, but they can be sued. ultimately the taxpayer ends up paying for school districts not doing their job. >> gretchen: you will be talking about benghazi situation. >> we have been following it for three weeks. we have intelligence individuals forerumsfeld and they'll talk about what the government knew and what they said they knew and what they really knew. >> have a great weekend. >> more fox and friends two minutes away. enefits
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bill: guys, thank you. want to get to a fox news alert now. a deadly workplace shooting in police say a gunman opened fire at a business that killed four and turned the gun on himself. one. victims reportedly the owner of that company. witnesses describe the scene as chaotic. >> at about four or five shots it seemed like. then there was a little pause. i heard a couple two or three more shots. sounded like maybe pretty powerful gun. bill: what we're learning about this today. we'll get a live report a bit later today here in our show


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